The history of the house

Casa do Hospital, located in the village of Abaças, district of Vila Real, dates from the 18th century.

Originally owned by the Order of the Hospital (Military and Religious Order) - to whom it owes its name - it was inhabited by hospitaller nuns, until the date of the extinction of the military and religious orders in Portugal (1834).

The first floor of the house, then, functioned as a ward, where the nuns - in addition to their spiritual duties - took care of the pilgrims who passed through Abaças, on their way to S. Tiago de Compostela (Spain),on religious pilmigrage. They also had a very important role in the local community, during the plague of cholera, in the 19th century.

The ground floor was used as a place where local criminals stayed overnight before being transferred to jail.

In 1911, it was acquired by João Baptista Gonçalves Pavão and has remained in the family for four generations, having undergone, over the years, changes in the plan.

At present...

Operating as a Guest House by the end of 2019, Casa do Hospital has Hospitality as its bastion.

Located between the municipalities of Vila Real and Régua, in a calm, relaxing and familiar environment, it is the ideal place to listen to nature, rest, forget the worries, enjoy the seasons, gather with loved ones, create memories and get to know the Douro and Trás-os-Montes region through our services.

Casa do Hospital has free parking and Wi-Fi. All rooms have an en-suite bathroom. At breakfast, you can taste homemade products produced in the region and, at dinner, you can taste (by appointment) our regional tapas, accompanied by Douro wines. We also provide you with the opportunity to do wine tastings at farms in the region. We are also available to provide you with a transport service, by appointment.

"From the window of my bedroom I see the world..."

Touriga Nacional

Touriga Franca

Tinta Barroca

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The Douro

" Douro sublimated. The wonder of a landscape that ceases to be by dint of being unmeasured. It is not a panorama that the eyes contemplate; it is an excess of nature. Socalcos that are the footsteps of titanic men climbing the slopes, volumes, colours and modulations that no sculptor, painter or musician can translate, expanded horizons ...eternal for the harmony, the serenity, the silence that not even the river dares to break...The absolute beauty."


The availability, attention and politeness of Mr. Carlos and his wife were qualities that touched us.


Very peaceful

The room was extremely clean and comfortable with a beautiful view. Very quiet. Mr Carlos who received us was very attentive and always available to help, making the stay even more special. Definitely a place to come back to when visiting the region!


To come back

Hospitality, kindness of those who received us, comfort, environment, region... No doubts to come back.


Very good breakfast

Mr: Carlos and Mrs Paula very friendly, cordial and helpful. p'Breakfast very good. I VIVELY RECOMMEND TO ALL PEOPLE who want to be in the DOURO WINE region, in the area of RÉGUA AND PESO DA RÉGUA. Superb Mr: Carlos! THANK YOU!